My name is Nat Akinyi. I was born in America and am currently based in the U.K. 
I work primarily in digital form, creating digital paintings and animations. 

The primary goal of my work is to provide positive representation for black people,
particularly Africans, and people of colour. As a person of the African diaspora I have often felt discouraged by the self-validating white Western-centric distorted view of the world that is presented to us in contemporary popular media, as well as art history, and contemporary art culture. Just as the institution of fine art was created
by devaluing the art of people of colour and other marginalized groups, Capitalist technological advancement has been attained through the devaluing of the labour, dignity, and lives of people of colour. The logic that this exploitation rests upon is of blackness as otherness and that belief black lives and black suffering has less value.

The digital world represents a paradox for Africans. For those that have access to it, digital technology can connect people across the globe, provide a boundless archive of information, and present an opportunity to express and share content that the mainstream media fails to. However, the processes through which the technology is created, the raw materials required and the labour that is required to acquire them, is exploitative and shows no respect for African lives and their surrounding environment.
with my work i hope to remedy the distorted and limited representation of African people and explore and shine light on climate colonialism and environmental racism. 

also i studied painting and printmaking at the Glasgow school of Art (spoiler Alert: do not go there if you are black because you will have a bad time!)
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